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This Custom Ferrari 612 Shooting Brake Is Absolutely Not a Breadvan

But what Vandenbrink Design of the Netherlands did to this Scaglietti is still rather fantastic.

Nissan Commemorates the Skyline GT-R with a 50th-Anniversary Grand Seiko Watch

Nissan and Grand Seiko collaborate on a high-end chronograph for the anniversary of the GT-R sports car.

The Ford Puma, a Fiesta-Based Crossover, Is about to Make Its Debut

For now, the Puma is for Europe only, but we suspect that will change.

The Outlandish BMW Vision M Next Concept Is a Driver-Focused Hybrid Supercar

BMW's latest concept imagines an automotive future with an emphasis on driving, not autonomy.

The 10 Craziest, Most Powerful Hypercars Arriving in 2019 and 2020

These ultra-high-performance sports cars are coming soon.

A decade or so ago, the term "hypercar" had yet to supersede the word "supercar" in denoting automotive supremacy. And then came Bugatti's barrier-shattering Veyron in 2005, boasting more than 1000 horsepower and a 253-mph top speed. In the years that followed, Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari competed in the Veyron's wake for ultra-high-performance bragging rights with a trinity of hyper-hybrids, the 918 Spyder, P1, and LaFerrari. All of those cars are out of production-and now automakers are bringing a new generation of hypercars. Bugatti again is ahead of the curve, having introduced the Veyron's successor, the Chiron. Click through this gallery for a look at 10 other next-generation hypercars you can expect to appear in 2019 and 2020 (and some that might come later), ranked in order of least to most horsepower.