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Tesla Claims Fully Automated Autopilot Upgrade Will Be Fail-Safe

How much of this announcement is hype and how much is tech that's ready for market, we won't know right away, but they've got our attention.

Which Chinese Cars Are Coming to the U.S.? The Shanghai Auto Show Offered Strong Hints

Increasingly, Chinese brands are eyeing the U.S. market and making serious plans to come here. Which ones? Read on.

This Is (Probably) the Next-Gen Buick Encore for the U.S.

The China-market Encore GX is bigger than what the U.S. currently gets, and it's expected to make its way to our shores.

Swarovski-Crystal-Covered Lamborghinis and You: A Reality Check

Or, how the "trend" of people sticking expensive crystals on supercars isn't a trend at all.

It's National Park Week, and You Know What That Means: Road Trip

What better way to celebrate Earth Day and National Park Week than by planning your own adventure drive, we say.