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Hertz Renting 2020 Chevy Camaros with 480 or 750 HP

Hendrick Motorsports is providing the modified Camaros to Hertz, which in turn will rent them to you (probably).

2020 Honda CR-V Adds a Hybrid Model and Gets a New Look

Honda has also dropped the CR-V's previous base engine and added new standard features.

Valerie Plame and Quentin Tarantino Raise So Many Questions

Or why Car and Driver readers can’t watch movies and TV commercials like normal people.

Every 2019 and 2020 Full-Size Pickup Truck Ranked

We sort every full-size pickup truck foreign and domestic so that you don't have to.

Full-size pickups exist at the intersection of functionality, speed, technology, and fashion. Today’s trucks are as quick as some sport sedans, can practically tow your house, and offer cutting-edge convenience and safety technologies. In this market, which is contested by only six manufacturers, most buyers are predisposed to a certain brand (the domestic Big Three, in particular, carry cult followings) and it's a close fight among top competitors. That said, every one of these trucks can handle classic pickup needs without trouble, and if you haven’t already sorted yourself into the Dodge, Chevy, or Ford camps, we’ve ranked the segment players from worst to best to help you in your full-size truck search.

Lightning Lap 2017: Subaru BRZ Performance Package

The BRZ remains the Janus-faced sports car it has always been. And we love/hate it accordingly.